Bouncing E-Mail? Read this completley!

If you find that you suddenly can not login to your account using your e-mail as your user-id (but could before), there's good chance your e-mail was bouncing! We've noticed a number of bouncing e-mails recently and that's bad because you won't get personal message alerts, system service notifications and other important messages. Our site is a social network, and you can't socialize without communication. Therefore, when an account bounces e-mail several times, we'll replace your registered e-mail with the e-mail you used to subscribe with PayPal (which may or may not be the same e-mail address!)

Here's what to do: Click on 'enter' below and try to login with your PayPal e-mail address and your password. Then follow the directions below:

1) If that lets you in, and you don't mind the e-mail change, great!
2) If you can login but want a different e-mail, read the instructions below.
3) If you still can't get in -- contact me!

When you login, click on "Settings/Profile" then "Account Settings". In the "Email Address" box, type in your new e-mail address, be sure to check that it is correct, then click on the blue "Save" box. Look at it again -- ensure it is correct! You require this information to login to the system! If you type in a bad e-mail, you could be locked out. If that happens, click on the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the login screen to report the problem, making sure you tell us your PayPal e-mail address and username. Thanks!