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We are a social network encompassing the world of male body modifications. Men who have, desire or find male genital modifications to be arousing and have an acceptable profile photo are welcome to join. Females are also welcome; however, please bear in mind that this site is predominately male and all photos/videos/messages and material are to be in respect to male body modifications.

This site is heavily moderated to keep our topics and material on track with our purpose, being a member does not grant any 'right' to post off-topic images/messages (or spam).

Did you know you can contribute content for premium access?

First, if you do not already have an account, you must sign up for one, then wait for it to be approved. Once you have an approved account, you can contribute photos and videos of BODY MODIFICATIONS on your own body and you can earn access to premium content. The length of that access depends on the type of content contributed, but generally the heavier the content, the longer the access. Videos also receive more weight than photos.

We will not notify you if your content does not qualify, but if we do not accept it for premium access, we will remove it from our server. NOTE: This site is moderated, your photos and videos will not show up until they have been reviewed.